Lit and Math: A Unlikely Pair -- OPAC Tagging and the Common Core
Janice Hauver – Brunswick Elementary School, Frederick County
Kim Cowles – Spring Ridge Elementary School, Frederick County

Utilizing the Elementary Math Common Core Curriculum, a wikispace, seven different school libraries, a union catalog, incredibly creative school librarians, a nice feature in the OPAC, the talents of some grade level teachers and the help of some Math Specialists, come see what the buzz is about in Frederick County and see how our elementary librarians have partnered with classroom teachers to integrate literature into math! Hands on opportunity to review current titles.

Room 300:
Hard Core Support: What School Librarians Can Do
Kimberly Dyar – Elkton High School, Cecil County

As teachers and districts implement the Common Core, it is essential for librarians to establish their value as indispensible partners in the process. But how do we do so? Come see some examples and approximations, learn about the presenter’s approach and philosophy, share your insights, and participate in a critical conversation.


The resources listed below are from Paige Jaeger and the Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex Board of Cooperative Eduational Services of New York. Ms. Jaeger has granted permission for their use in this presentation. They can be accessed at her blog as well.

Room 302:
Common Core Connections with Speaking and Listening in Media
Jan E. Nies – Parr’s Ridge ES, Carroll County
Emily Howe – Mt. Airy ES, Carroll County
Kathleen Casper - Parr's Ridge ES, Carroll County

Discover how media specialists at two elementary schools (one K-2, the other grades 3-5) collaborated with their staffs to design and implement consistent nonverbal cues for the purpose of actively engaging all students in rigorous literary conversations.


Room 303:
Solving for X: What’s Missing in the Math Teacher Collaboration Equation?
Dr. Mega Subramaniam – Assistant Professor & Associate Director of Information Policy and Access Center, University of Maryland
Dr. Ann R. Edwards – Assistant Professor, Center for Mathematics Education, UMCP
Rebecca Oxley – Graduate Research Associate, Information Policy and Access Center
Dr. Minjung Ryu – Doctoral Researcher, Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership, College of Education, University of Maryland

New mathematics standards value inquiry, interdisciplinary connections, and integrating technology --- positioning school librarians as potentially critical collaborators for mathematics teachers. However, such collaborations are rare and challenging. Drawing upon interviews with librarians, mathematics teachers, administrators, and district supervisors, the presenters shed light on the conundrum of mathematics teacher and librarian collaboration.


Room 304:
Promoting the 2012 One Maryland, One Book Selection in High School Libraries: A Book Club Meeting
Frances Luther – Assistant Professor, Towson University
Ada ‘Woods – Retired Librarian, Towson University

Come prepared to participate in a book club-style discussion of the 2012 selection for the Maryland Humanities Council’s One Maryland, One Book program, The Cellist of Sarajevo. For additional information, see:
The theme for 2012 is Courage and Unity During Times of War. This is a great opportunity to take away an activity to share with high school students in collaboration with history teachers.

Room 306:
Read and Recycle!
Hannah Pickworth – Roland Park Country School, Independent

Quick inexpensive puppets of some favorite storybook characters can be made from items you’re about to throw away! Come see how to turn paperbacks, fruit sacks, knee hi’s, paper towel tubes, and other recyclables into Frederick, Pierre, trolls, Whose Mouse Are You? etc. Use them yourself or have students make them. (Handouts available)


Room 307:
The Power of the Booktalk
Cathi Byers – Scholastic Book Fairs
Rebekah Rowan – Scholastic Book Fairs

Imagine if every school day began with a Book Talk --- students would be exposed to 180 books by the end of the school year! The presenters will offer a fun, interactive program that stresses the importance of developing an ongoing reading culture in schools, which ultimately results in students reading more books independently during the school year.